The Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) scheme attempts to bring parents closer to their child’s education. As such it is an ‘outreach’ element of the school whereby one member of the teaching staff leaves the classroom behind to work as a link between the parents and the school and the community. In many ways the HSCL co-ordinator as the teacher is now called, is to be the ‘friendly face’ of the school arriving at the children’s homes to help parents with some aspect of their child’s education or being available to meet a parent at any stage where the class teacher or principal may not always be available.

Who is the H.S.C.L. co-ordinator?

  • My name is Audrey Lynch and I am the H.S.C.L co-ordinator for Presentation Primary School, Ballymakenny Road. I will be the H.S.C.L co-ordinator for the next 5 years
  • I work very closely with Maire Devine who is the co-ordinator for St. Patrick’s and St. Brigid’s National schools and Annette Horan who is the H.S.C.L co-ordinator in St. Joseph’s C.B.S.
  • Prior to taking on the role of H.S.C.L. co-ordinator I worked as a teacher in the school for twelve years.
  • We recently built an extension at the front of the school which is the new Parents’ Room and H.S.C.L office. It will be a fantastic addition to our school

What is H.S.C.L. about?

  • H.S.C.L. is about bringing parents closer to their children’s education
  • Providing a link between home and school
  • Offering parents opportunities to take part in a range of self-development courses and activities
  • Offering parents opportunities to take part in learning initiatives in the classroom

What does the H.S.C.L. co-ordinator do?

  • A big part of my job is to visit parents in their homes. I will try and get to call on as many families as possible at least once during their time at the school.
  • Another large part of my job is to identify and provide for the personal, leisure and learning needs of parents, so as to promote their self-worth and self-confidence, which will have a positive impact on their children’s education.
  • It is also up to the H.S.C.L. co-ordinator to organise initiatives where parents get the opportunity to work with the teacher and children in the classroom. This is a hugely beneficial and enjoyable experience for all concerned.
  • It is important for the H.S.C.L. co-ordinator to have a profile and develop links in the community with youth organisations. I also need to work with the N.E.W.B, the Educational Welfare Service (EWS) and the School Completion Programme (SCP) in a unified way, to address issues, which impinge on the attendance, participation and retention of children at risk of educational disadvantage and early school leaving.
  • The H.S.C.L co-ordinator develops the pupil-parent-teacher relationship, so that school becomes a place where all young people can reach their potential.
  • The HSCL Local Committee has been working on the Drogheda Moves Project for the last two years and will continue to do so this year.

What does the H.S.C.L. co-ordinator not do?

  • It is not my job to report back personal details of a family to the school staff. Anything that a parent says to me is treated with the utmost confidentiality. I will only divulge information about a family at the request of that family.
  • It is also not my job to listen to complaints about staff members. If a parent has an issue with a teacher or their child’s progress they will need to deal with that issue with the teacher or principal.

What was organised for parents last year, 2014-2015

Yoga classes Textiles/Sewing Computer courses – FETAC level 3 and 4
Irish classes Sugar Craft Maths is fun for Parent & Child
English classes Flower arranging Maths Eyes for Parent & Child
Maths classes Personal development Lego club for Parent & Child
Crochet classes Walking Group Cookery club for Parent & Child


How can I contact the H.S.C.L. co-ordinator?

My mobile number is 0861674352 and I can also be contacted at the school at 0419837119. My email address is



Parents’ Association

We have a very active Parents’ Association in our school. They meet usually once a month and organise a number of events throughout the year.

What is a Parents’ Association?

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