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In the mornings children are asked to wait on the path behind the wall until the school gates open. Motorists may enter the roundabout to drop off their children only (no parking is allowed).

In the evenings children exit the school via the playground gate and walk behind the wall to leave the school grounds. Children who travel on buses are also asked to walk behind the wall and follow the yellow footprints to their bus stop. Children who travel home by car are asked to wait in the yellow box alongside the playground gate until a parent/guardian collects them.

Parking is NOT allowed on the roundabout at or before 2.45pm. We appreciate your cooperation in implementing these safety measures for your children.

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 This year we will apply for our 6th Green flag. The theme of this flag is Biodiversity. We have 8 new raised beds where we will plant fruit and vegetables. We will also add new plants to our Bee and Butterfly garden. This term we will build a new bug hotel! Next month the 4th classes will participate in an energy workshop delivered by SEAI. 

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Welcome back to school. We wish you and your families every blessing for this year and we hope that your daughters will be happy and fulfilled as they grow stronger in every way and progress in their learning, spiritually, socially and academically. We welcome all our staff back to school and in particular our returning teachers Ms. A. Lynch & Ms. Keenan. We welcome all our 3rd class girls and any girl who has come to us from another school or from another country. We will do our best to ensure that everybody settles in well and has a happy experience in Presentation Primary School.

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Today was a very exciting day in our school. Not only did we get our school holidays but we also had a visit from Philip Mc Cabe, a beekeeper from Termonfeckin and Derek Mooney from RTE’s Mooney Goes Wild show! Philip promised to show us his bees before we started our summer holidays and he did not forget! Derek Mooney is currently making a radio programme on Philip so he came along too. Derek interviewed Mrs.White about the importance of having Philip visit our school with his bees and he recorded Mrs.Maguire introducing Philip to the pupils. There was great excitement when Philip showed a section of his hive to the girls. Every girl wanted to catch a glimpse of the queen bee! We look forward to hearing the programme on Mooney Goes Wild. If you missed the programme check out the RTE podcast.

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Thank you to the Drogheda Men’s Shed for the fabulous wheelbarrows which we look forward to filling with summer flowers and also for making a roof for our new bug hotel!


Four classes took part in this year’s Challenge to Change project – Mrs.Lawless, Mrs.White/Ms.Smyth, Ms.Malone and Ms.Kilcoyne. Ten pupils travelled to Portlaoise to display the project and share their work with others. The pupils had the opportunity to take part in a workshop. They enjoyed meeting pupils from other schools and hearing about their projects.

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Today we were lucky to have a visit from Philip Mc Cabe, a local beekeeper and President of Apimondia, The World Beekeeping Federation! He spoke to the four classes completing a project on bees as part of Challenge to Change. Bees are central to Philip’s life. His father and grandfather before him kept them! He has a wealth of information on the social structure of honey bees. The girls were fascinated by the stories Philip had to tell and they asked some very interesting questions. Philip has promised to return to the school with his bees before the summer holidays.

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School 2015 214

To commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Rising and to celebrate 100 years since the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, the Government has tasked Óglaigh na hÉireann with delivering a National Flag to every primary school in the country. This is a key part of the Ireland 2016 commemorative programme and will see members of Óglaigh na hÉireann, in uniform, visiting schoolchildren, teachers and parents in over 3,200 schools across the Republic.

School 2015 212School 2015 206School 2015 209

Our school was visited by a team who formally presented the National Flag to the school in a special ceremony. The Defence Forces taught the children about how the National Flag should be cared for and the protocol that surrounds this vibrant symbol of our nation. What made our ceremony even more special was the fact that most of the personnel that arrived from the Defence Forces  had some connection with our school, some had children and grandchildren attending the school at present.

School 2015 190

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Attendance at school is extremely important. We are sending out an attendance calendar to help you keep track of your child’s attendance. This year we are trying to cut the number of children who miss more than 20 days at school, as we have to report these cases to the N.E.W.B. As part of this initiative we will be sending out notification when your child has missed 10 days and 15 days at school so that you can try to prevent this from happening. If your child misses a day at school a note must be sent into the class teacher to explain why.

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The following courses have commenced for parents in the four schools: textiles, crochet, computers and first aid. We are also running a science club for parent and child for 3rd & 4th class.

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Music Generation will begin working with our 3rd class pupils this week. This will build on the foundation the children received in St. Brigid’s learning how to play a variety of instruments. The Magic of Music will continue working with 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils.
Choir practice has commenced here in the school and Ms. Kilcoyne and the girls will be busy preparing for the Peace Proms which will be held in February. A free bus for parents will be organised by the Parents’ Assosiation.

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At the moment the 3rd class are enjoying yoga, 4th & 5th class are doing rugby and 6th class are having GAA and basketball lessons. The 4th & 5th class will also take part in a rugby blitz in the local Boyne Rugby Club on Wednesday September 30th.

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On Thursday 17th September the staff took part in the Hospice Coffee Morning and raised €152.
We held a Roald Dahl dress up day on Friday 18th September to raise funds for the refugee crisis. We raised €412 and it was sent to Unicef.

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We welcome all our staff….We would like to welcome the following teachers back to the school ; Ms. Kilcoyne, Ms. Bonner, Mr. Kierans, Mrs. Smith & Ms. Smyth. We would like to welcome Ms. Duffy our new S.N.A to the staff also. Ms. Audrey Lynch has taken on the role of H.S.C.L (Home School Community Liason) co-ordinator for the next five years. However she will be taking a short break in the near future to go on maternity leave.

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The pupils in 3rd and 4th class are currently participating in two Samba workshops with Kieran Gallagher. They enjoyed all the fun warm-up activities and playing the various rhythms on actual Samba drums and percussion instruments.

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rm 4 2015 boats 005Room 4 2015 057rm 4 2015 boats 027In this term, the girls in room 4 have been learning about the properties and characteristics of materials.
We discussed materials and their uses and why certain materials are chosen for certain objects.

The girls then designed their own boat using suitable materials. The next task was to make a boat that would float and hold a small weight ( a magnet!!).

The girls really enjoyed this and I’m sure you’ll agree they were very inventive and creative!
Room 4 2015 047rm 4 2015 boats 026rm 4 2015 boats 001

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Girls from 5th and 6th class took part in the Design A Car, Schools Challenge.
The aim of the competition was to design a car which would be on display at the Drogheda Motor Show, June 19th -21st 2015.

Holly Carolan and Aoife Smith O Brien from Miss Carroll’s class won our school competition with their design. They got to paint their design on a model car provided by Smiths Garage, Drogheda. Their entry will be in the final and will be up against winning entries from other schools in the locality. We wish them the very best of luck in the final and we are very proud of their very colourful and eye catching design.SAM_3292

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Room 4 2015 003
Our 3rd class girls are currently attending swimming lessons. For some avid swimmers it’s a chance to practise and improve their skill. For others it’s their first experience of the pool. After 4 weeks, our swimming instructors are delighted with the progress to date. With only 2 weeks left, we will miss our weekly trip to the pool but we hope that the girls continue to swim and become strong and able swimmers.

An important part of learning to swim is using the pool safely and general water safety. Here are some safety posters designed by room 4.
Room 4 2015 005

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One of the winners this year in the Louth and Meath poetry competition was Alex Smyth, a 4th class student from Room 6. Her poem was selected from an adjudicating panel from all over Ireland and chosen to be published in the book ”Into the Future”. This year children in Louth and Meath unleashed their vision of things to come in the future and competed to have their poem published. Alex’s creative poem will surely put a smile on anyone’s face.

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The 3rd class girls in Mrs Mohan’s class made these colourful snails from clay. We hope you like them.

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imageA big well done to Ms. Benton and her class who appeared on Swipe TV on Monday. The two girls who played on behalf of the class Chidiebere and Leila did extremely well and were in the lead for most of the show. It was only Ms. Benton’s speedy ability at making sandwiches that saved her from getting gunged in the end. If you missed the show and would like to see it you can catch it on rte player, it’ll only be available for 19 days, so watch it soon. Click on the link to watch:

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The girls in Mrs.White’s class enjoyed making hand puppets last week. They all learnt how to thread a needle and then they chose which type of stitching they were going to use. A big thank you to all the parents who helped out! It was very much appreciated. The girls had great fun decorating their puppets with buttons, feathers, ribbon and felt pieces. We hope you enjoy the photos of their wonderful creations!

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Last month each of the 4th classes took a trip to Newgrange. They started their visit in the Interpretative Centre where they enjoyed the exhibition and the audio-visual presentation. At Newgrange they learnt many new facts about this ancient site from their tour guides. Their favourite part was when they saw the re-enactment of the sunlight illuminating the passageway. They also enjoyed counting the 97 kerbstones that surround the base of Newgrange and searching for those with carvings.

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Last week we took part Active Schools Week. We started each morning with ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ where the children copied dance moves on the interactive whiteboard. During the day they had a busy break where they did aerobic moves to various dance tunes. The numbers of pupils that walked or cycled to school each day was recorded as Scores on the Doors. The children were delighted to have some physical activities to complete as part of their homework! On Friday afternoon the whole school took part in different physical activities such as skipping and rounders. Well done to the teachers who organised this successful event.

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walk to school weekThis week is National Walk to School Week. Students from Green-Schools all over Ireland will come together during National Walk to School Week: May 11th to 15th 2015 to show their support for a greener, healthier environment by encouraging pupils, parents and teachers to walk to school wherever possible. Join in Green-Schools’ National WOW day on Wednesday 13th May 2015 and help us reach the target of 20,000 people walking to school all over Ireland! To celebrate National WOW day on Wednesday pupils can wear welly boots with their uniform if they wish.