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The girls in 3rd class have been participating in yoga lessons this term. It has helped to improve their concentration, balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.

The 3rd and 4th class pupils performed a wonderful production on Friday 23rd March for the whole school and their parents. The production under the guidance of their music teacher Broni was based on the history of music from the African Jungle to the modern sounds of Gospel to the cool melodies of Jazz! Click here to see more photos in our gallery

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Many of our classes took part in the World Maths Day event on 7th March 2012. In the days prior to the event, our classes practised hard- giving as many correct answers as possible within 1 minute .Children were randomly matched against children (in the same category ) from all over the world!
Ages 8-10
Janet Olagbaja , from Miss Giblin’s class was top of this category in our school. She answered an amazing 729 correct questions.
Miraclaire Almodova, also from Miss Giblin’s class, gave the highest number of correct answers in 1 minute. She gave 32 correct answers in 1 minute.
Mrs. White’s class gave the most correct answers – 9,254! Wow!
Ages 11-13
Oyinkan Adeogun, from Miss Carroll’s class, came out top in this category in our school. Oyinkan answered a whopping 1438 questions correctly and her highest score was 55! This means Oyinkan gave almost one correct answer per second!
Miss. Carroll’s class gave 10,600 correct answers during the event; a close second was Miss Whelan’s class with 10,268 correct answers.
Well done to all those who took part! We all enjoyed it!

Listed below is the name of the child who answered the most questions and the child with the highest score in one minute from each class who took part.
Classroom    Most correct answers     Highest score

Rm 4      Erin Browne 593              Lily May Coddington 30
Rm 5      Janet Olagabaja 729      Miraclaire Almodova 32
Rm 6      Tomilola Adedewe 268       Michaela Matthews 26
Rm 7      Karolina Slionskyte 585    Erin Mc Donagh 26
Rm 11      Anita Gracy 664             Jade O’Connor 32 & Nana Momodu 32
Rm 12      Sandra Janik 605          Olivia Smith 35
Rm 14      Oyinkan Adeogun 1438    Oyinkan Adeogun 55
Rm 18      Amy Conaghan 840       Chloe Ling 45

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In January the girls from Ms. Carter’s class worked with clay to make beautiful pinch pots and other imaginative pieces. Click here to see all our work