The girls in 4th class put on a wonderful performance of Annie before Easter. Over ninety girls from four classes took part in the show. The girls practised for a number of weeks with their drama teacher Jamie Mc Carthy and teachers Ms. Mullins, Ms McNamara, Mrs. White  and Ms. Kilcoyne. The show featured all the unforgettable songs from the hit film including ‘It’s a hard knock life’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Little Girls’ and many more. The show ended with all ninety students on stage singing ‘Tomorrow’ and a massive round of applause.

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The girls from room 6 performed the play “The Grinch” for the other classes and for their parents. The hard work paid off for all the girls in room 6 as the play went off with a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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The girls from 6 made delicious chocolate apples recently with Mrs Collins yum yum!!

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The 4th class girls were very lucky on Friday 1st June as a local beekeeper Joe Crofts came to visit them. The children are learning all about the Honey Bee-a project sponsored by Boyne Valley Honey and were very excited to see a hive, photos of a queen bee, a smoker used to calm the bees down when the bee keeper needs to work at the hive, the bee keeper’s protective suit, bees wax and honey combs. The children thoroughly enjoyed this visit, they learned a lot from the first hand experience of a bee keeper and they were fascinated with the work the honey bee does. Click here to see all the photos about bees.

The 3rd and 4th class pupils performed a wonderful production on Friday 23rd March for the whole school and their parents. The production under the guidance of their music teacher Broni was based on the history of music from the African Jungle to the modern sounds of Gospel to the cool melodies of Jazz! Click here to see more photos in our gallery

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Last week 4th class put on a brilliant production of well known musical “My Fair Lady” with the help of their teachers Ms. Giblin, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. White and Drama teacher Jamie. The musical is based around the story of Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower girl who takes speech lessons from professor Henry Higgins, so that she may pass as a well born lady. The girls had the audience captivated from start to finish. Go to the gallery to view more photos.

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Although we’ve had no snow this year (well yet),the girls from room 6 were very busy before Christmas making these delicious snowballs! Click here to see some more of their wonderful creations.

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The girls in Mrs Collin’s class, room 6 got creative while studying life in Viking times and created wonderful Viking ships from cardboard boxes. Click here to see some more.