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Around the globe, millions of people, businesses, and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights, and make noise for climate change action. This year Earth Hour is at 8:30pm on 25 March 2017.


Louth County Council are taking part and lights will be switched off at a number of our significant and high profile public buildings including County Hall in Dundalk and Millmount in Drogheda!


Be a part of Earth Hour 2017. Turn out your lights on Saturday, March 25 at 8:30pm and show your commitment to a better future.

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The girls in Mrs.White/Mr.Kieran’s class are taking part in this year’s Eco Tribes Challenge 2017. The theme for this year’s garden challenge is ‘A Celtic Journey: The Spirit of Nature’. The class will work with Drogheda Tidy Towns group to design and cultivate a Celtic garden. If you are interested in helping in this project please contact Mrs.White.

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The Green schools committee made fabulous peanut bird feeders using larch wood with the help of Clare from OWLS. The girls in Ms.Lynch’s class also made beautiful bird feeders from milk cartons. The children in each class have been enjoying feeding the birds and we have seen a big increase in the number of birds visiting our school grounds.

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As part of Biodiversity Week each class completed a project on a native tree, plant, flower, animal, bird or insect. The projects which are on display in the corridors look fantastic and are full of interesting facts.
Well done to the girls in Mrs.White’s 4th class who composed the winning Greencode:
Presentation is our name,
Biodiversity is our aim.
Caring for the birds and trees,
And making homes for the bugs and bees.

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Today Clare from OWLS helped us fill our bug hotel with materials to attract more insects into our school garden. She showed us how to safely use a saw and drill. It was great to have a hands-on session. We worked as a team and we are so proud of our new bug hotel. Four insects have moved in already – a caterpillar, a slug, a beetle and a snail.

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Today Dale Treadwell who has appeared on many children’s TV shows spent the day in our school. His sessions were fun, energetic and full of cool facts about biodiversity. He read his two books to the classes – ‘Harry the Hedgehog’ and ‘Robby the Christmas Robin’. At lunchtime he kindly helped the Green Schools committee plant a bee and butterfly garden in one of our raised beds. They planted a buddleia, a sunflower, lavender, lupins and wildflower seeds. We look forward to seeing it in bloom later in the year.

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The girls in 4th class took part in an interactive workshop on energy given by SEAI. They learnt about the science of energy and climate change through experiments.

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 This year we will apply for our 6th Green flag. The theme of this flag is Biodiversity. We have 8 new raised beds where we will plant fruit and vegetables. We will also add new plants to our Bee and Butterfly garden. This term we will build a new bug hotel! Next month the 4th classes will participate in an energy workshop delivered by SEAI. 

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Today was a very exciting day in our school. Not only did we get our school holidays but we also had a visit from Philip Mc Cabe, a beekeeper from Termonfeckin and Derek Mooney from RTE’s Mooney Goes Wild show! Philip promised to show us his bees before we started our summer holidays and he did not forget! Derek Mooney is currently making a radio programme on Philip so he came along too. Derek interviewed Mrs.White about the importance of having Philip visit our school with his bees and he recorded Mrs.Maguire introducing Philip to the pupils. There was great excitement when Philip showed a section of his hive to the girls. Every girl wanted to catch a glimpse of the queen bee! We look forward to hearing the programme on Mooney Goes Wild. If you missed the programme check out the RTE podcast.

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Thank you to the Drogheda Men’s Shed for the fabulous wheelbarrows which we look forward to filling with summer flowers and also for making a roof for our new bug hotel!


Four classes took part in this year’s Challenge to Change project – Mrs.Lawless, Mrs.White/Ms.Smyth, Ms.Malone and Ms.Kilcoyne. Ten pupils travelled to Portlaoise to display the project and share their work with others. The pupils had the opportunity to take part in a workshop. They enjoyed meeting pupils from other schools and hearing about their projects.

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Today we were lucky to have a visit from Philip Mc Cabe, a local beekeeper and President of Apimondia, The World Beekeeping Federation! He spoke to the four classes completing a project on bees as part of Challenge to Change. Bees are central to Philip’s life. His father and grandfather before him kept them! He has a wealth of information on the social structure of honey bees. The girls were fascinated by the stories Philip had to tell and they asked some very interesting questions. Philip has promised to return to the school with his bees before the summer holidays.

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walk to school weekThis week is National Walk to School Week. Students from Green-Schools all over Ireland will come together during National Walk to School Week: May 11th to 15th 2015 to show their support for a greener, healthier environment by encouraging pupils, parents and teachers to walk to school wherever possible. Join in Green-Schools’ National WOW day on Wednesday 13th May 2015 and help us reach the target of 20,000 people walking to school all over Ireland! To celebrate National WOW day on Wednesday pupils can wear welly boots with their uniform if they wish.

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This week the 4th class girls planted beans and sunflowers with Ron. Then they took a look at some of the beautiful trees we have on our grounds and how they have changed since winter.

Well done to the girls in Mr. McDonnell’s 3rd class (Room 3) who won the first Golden Boot Award of this school year. Despite it being a wet morning 46% of the class walked to school last Wednesday, the highest participation level in the school. Mrs. Mohan’s 3rd class (Room 2) received the Golden Globe Award. 45% of the class walked to school. Hopefully as the weather improves we will see more pupils walking or cycling to school. We encourage the pupils to travel safely to and from school. Well done to Marina and Louise, both 5th class pupils, who cycled to school last Wednesday.

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We are currently working towards attaining our fourth green flag for travel. Click here to go to the Green Schools page to read our travel newsletter and hear about all the hard work we have been doing to earn our next flag.


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25 lucky girls recently took part in cycle training. The training was provided by two instructors, Philip and David of Cúchulainn Cycling Club. The training took place in the yard and lasted for 2 hours per session. The girls learnt the skills required for understanding the safe use and handling of the bicycle including stopping quickly if needed, signalling if turning right or left and moving around objects safely. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the training. We would like to thank An Taisce and our Parents Association for funding this training. We would also like to stress how important it is to wear a helmet when cycling at home or to school. We hope to see these girls cycling to school every Wednesday for our COW Days!

Welcome back to school! We will launch our first WOW (Walk on Wednesday) and COW (Cycle on Wednesday) Day of the new school year on September 11th. Every week students are encouraged to walk, cycle, park & stride or carpool if they can. The classes with the highest participation levels each week will be awarded the Golden Boot and Golden Globe Award. The following are a few tips to ensure that all our pupils arrive safely at school:
• At the school please cross at the traffic lights or with the lollipop lady.
• Stop, look and listen at all times.
• Always stay on the foot path and walk on the footprints at the school entrance.
Drivers can help us make our school safer by:
• Trying to Park & Stride or Carpool as much as you can. This will help reduce traffic outside the school.
• Keeping your speed low.
• Always letting your child out of your vehicle onto the pavement side – never onto the road.
• Checking for pedestrians and cyclists before you or your child open the car door.

SAM_1330Our school won another Platinum award in the Louth County Council Environmental competition 2013. Congratulations to Maia McVeigh, a former Green-School committee member, was named Junior Environmentalist of the Year! Our bee and butterfly garden came 4th in the Eco-Tribes competition.

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SAM_1153Thirty pupils from across the school attended a workshop in the County Museum in Dundalk as part of National Bike Week. The first session was on bike maintenance where the girls got the opportunity to change and pump a wheel. Later the girls decorated their high vis vests in a session called ‘Bling your Jacket’. This session was a big hit with the girls. The group also visited the library to see the ‘Travel Inspiration’ exhibition where they viewed posters designed by pupils from our school and other schools in the county.

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The girls in Mrs.White’s class are participating in the Eco-Tribes project. Louth County Council has given 10 schools the opportunity to transform a piece of land into a bee and butterfly garden. The aim of the project is to bring the local community together (pupils, children, parents, Tidy Town members) to design a garden.

The girls decided to name their tribe ‘The Hawthorn Tribe’ because this year they read the book ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’ by Marita Conlon McKenna. It is very apt that the hawthorn was chosen as it is often referred to as the May Tree.Pamela Whitaker who advised all 10 schools along the way suggested linking the design of the garden with
something of meaning to the school. Many possible designs were drawn up but the tribe decided to create a garden based on the hands of our school crest.Saturday, April 20th was the date chosen to dig the two beds. An army of helpers turned up that day and we were blessed with the weather. A big thank you to the children, parents, teachers, Tidy Towns members and our caretaker Don for all the digging, stone picking and planting carried out that day. Click on the link to see the fun had by all on that Saturday!

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Garda Eugene Mulligan and Garda Helen Donnelly gave the children an interesting and informative talk about road safety. Here are some of the important points made by Garda Eugene:
• Always wear a seatbelt in the car.
• Always wear a helmet when cycling.
• Look all around and listen carefully when crossing the road.
• Watch out for your friends.

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Last week Sorcha Brophy of An Taisce and Mrs.White took the 5th and 6th class committee members on a walk of the most common routes taken by pupils to and from school. The girls took notes about the good and bad point things about the routes. We concluded that there were many positive aspects to our route to school. The pavements are in good condition. We have a great lollipop lady and also traffic lights to help pupils cross the road safely. We have a cycle lane on both sides of the road. We noted that the junction at Kierans Butcher’s is extremely busy and we would advise pupils to look carefully before crossing. We would ask parents not to park in the cycle lanes or footpaths to ensure that all pupils have a good view of oncoming traffic.

Despite being a cold morning our first WOW and COW day was a huge success. In total 180 girls walked or cycled to school. This is 52% of our school population. A total of 340 travelled to school by sustainable modes of transport. This is a whopping 92% of our pupils! The first winners of the Golden Boot Award are Ms.Whelan’s 5th class and the first winners of the Golden Globe Award are Ms.Kilcoyne’s 4th class. Well done to all pupils who participated in the event and we hope to see continued success with our new initiative.

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 As part of our school’s Green-Schools Programme, we are actively encouraging students to travel ‘Green’. We are launching our first WOW day (Walk On Wednesdays) and COW day (Cycle on Wednesday) on Wednesday, February 6th. Students are encouraged to walk, cycle, park & stride or carpool if they can.

Walking or cycling to school has numerous benefits ranging from increased concentration in class, less traffic outside the school gate, improved air quality, increased physical activity and an opportunity for students to develop personal safety skills.

Please click here for tips on how to travel to school safely.

The class with the highest number of pupils walking and cycling to school will be awarded the Golden Boot Award for their efforts. We will award the Golden Globe Award to the class who used any sustainable mode of transport. Let’s see which class will be the first to receive these awards!