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Music Generation will begin working with our 3rd class pupils this week. This will build on the foundation the children received in St. Brigid’s learning how to play a variety of instruments. The Magic of Music will continue working with 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils.
Choir practice has commenced here in the school and Ms. Kilcoyne and the girls will be busy preparing for the Peace Proms which will be held in February. A free bus for parents will be organised by the Parents’ Assosiation.

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At the moment the 3rd class are enjoying yoga, 4th & 5th class are doing rugby and 6th class are having GAA and basketball lessons. The 4th & 5th class will also take part in a rugby blitz in the local Boyne Rugby Club on Wednesday September 30th.

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Girls from 5th and 6th class took part in the Design A Car, Schools Challenge.
The aim of the competition was to design a car which would be on display at the Drogheda Motor Show, June 19th -21st 2015.

Holly Carolan and Aoife Smith O Brien from Miss Carroll’s class won our school competition with their design. They got to paint their design on a model car provided by Smiths Garage, Drogheda. Their entry will be in the final and will be up against winning entries from other schools in the locality. We wish them the very best of luck in the final and we are very proud of their very colourful and eye catching design.SAM_3292

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Congratulations to our 6th class girls who made their confirmation today.

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5th and 6th class pupils took part in our first Eason Spelling Bee competition recently. Each class held their own internal Spelling Bee and the six overall winners went forward to the ‘Grand School Final’. A tense and anxious audience eagerly supported and cheered the extremely focussed spellers. The two finalists, Alison G and Zoha K, brought the audience to the edge of their seats when they battled through a series of tie-breaker rounds until one pupil emerged victorious, Zoha K.
We look forward to supporting Zoha as she will now represent our school in the upcoming county finals in Dundalk on May 2nd.Congratulations to Zoha and well done to all the spellers for making our Eason Spelling Bee competition an extremely enjoyable event.

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Garda Eugene Mulligan and Garda Helen Donnelly gave the children an interesting and informative talk about road safety. Here are some of the important points made by Garda Eugene:
• Always wear a seatbelt in the car.
• Always wear a helmet when cycling.
• Look all around and listen carefully when crossing the road.
• Watch out for your friends.

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A big congratulations to Caoimhe Branigan from room 15  who took part in the Leinster Minor Schools Swimming Championships on Saturday 19th January. Caoimhe came in 1st place in the 50m backstroke and in 2nd place in the 100m individual medley while representing our school and we are very proud of her achievements.

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Congratulations to all the fifth and sixth class girls who completed their six week french course with Ms Bonner last term. Bravo!

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Mrs. White and Ms.Carroll’s pupils visited the Jeanie Johnston Tall ship which is docked in Dublin’s city centre. It is an accurate replica of the original ship which sailed between Tralee, Co. Kerry and North America from 1847 to 1855. The girls got to see what life was like on board a wooden tall ship during the Famine era. The highlight of the tour was hearing the stories of the life-sized figures based on actual passengers who sailed on the ship. Thank you to Louth Leader Partnership who provided the funding for this wonderful trip.

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Miss Carroll’s 6th class visited Drogheda library last week to take part in an art workshop.  The girls learned about the famous Irish, stained-glass artist Harry Clarke.  They created some great pieces of artwork inspired by Harry Clarke.

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6th class (Room 12) were members of a captivated audience who enjoyed a talk recently in the library given by Irish author, Nicola Pierce, about her book ‘The Spirit of the Titanic’. Nicola gave a fascinating talk into the research behind her book, the plot and the setting. She brought the characters to life through her storytelling and even told us that the first victim of the Titanic tragically lost his life two years before the Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage.
Many thanks to Nicola and library staff. A great afternoon was experienced by all!

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The girls in Ms. Lynch’s class got creative this week and made some cute creatures.

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Last week, the children in Ms. Lynch’s class were treated to a workshop delivered by Lena Shaw from the Louth County Enterprise Board. The workshop was given to open young minds and encourage entrepreneurs in County Louth in the future. Each pupil recieved a certificate and information pack and lots of ideas for the future. If you would like to learn more, visit http://www.studententerprise.ie/

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Congratulations to all the girls in 6th class who made their Confirmation on Friday.

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The girls in 6th class put on a show stopping performance of Grease last Tuesday 24th May. Over ninety girls from four classes took part in the show. The girls practised for a number of weeks with their drama teacher Jamie Mc Carthy and teachers Ms. Keenan, Ms Carroll, Ms. Lynch and Ms. Kilcoyne. The show featured all the unforgettable songs from the hit film including ‘You’re The One That I Want’, ‘Summer Nights’, ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’, ‘Sandy’, ‘Greased Lightning’ and many more. The show was bursting with leather jackets, slick hairstyles, cheerleaders and even a rock ’n ’roll dance off. The show ended with all ninety students on stage singing ‘We go Together’ and a massive round of applause. Click here to see some more great photos

Today the girls in 6th class took part in a fitness challenge in conjunction with the Physiotherapy Department in Our Lady of Lourdes hospital. It moved from school to school throughout the day and the idea was to keep the relay going all over the town for the whole day. The challenge involved the girls taking part in 30 minutes of continuous exercise to promote the fact that we should do this amount of exercise everyday if we want to stay fit and healthy. The four classes helped to cheer each other on as they swapped ropes every 3 minutes and skipped for a half an hour. The challenge began at 1pm, when we took over from St Ita’s school and at 1.30pm we passed it on the Fatima to continue the relay.Click into the gallery to see more

Last Week the Irish Coast Guard visited the school to talk to the girls in 6th class about water safety. They gave the girls great advice about how to stay safe in the water and also told them what to do in case of an emergency.

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Congratulations to all the girls in 6th class who had their Ceremony of Light last night.

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Ms. Lynch’s class were busy making clay monsters this year, some were very cute while others were quite scary. They were all painted and named by the girls in room 15.Click here to view more.

The girls from rooms 11, 13, 15 and 18 spent time this week in the Droichead Arts Centre at an exhibition by artist Claire Halpin. While they were there they viewed her work and also spent time creating their own artwork with Claire’s help.

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Miss Carroll’s class helped Santa with a problem.  The magic that helps Rudolph to fly had stopped working, so the girls in Room 14 designed model reindeer to solve the problem.  The model held a circuit that powered a bulb for Rudolph’s nose, a propeller for his tail and a switch so Santa could turn it off.  The girls all really enjoyed designing and making the reindeer and learning all about electricity.  Thankfully Santa got to all the houses on time on Christmas Eve with the help from the girls from Room 14.

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The girls in Ms. Lynch’s 6th class made beautiful cribs before Christmas.

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The girls in Ms Lynch’s 6th class spent time looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh earlier this year. Using oil pastel they created their own version of his famous painting “Starry Starry Night”.

Click here to see some of the their work.


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Today Room 12, from 6th class, took part in a science workshop in the library. Scientists from w5, along with the assistance of the pupils, performed many experiments. They launched a ‘teabag rocket’ to show how hot air rises and that by spinning a plastic chicken around and around demonstrates how the force of gravity pulls on the moon and the earth. These were just two of the experiments carried out. Pupils enjoyed experimenting and look forward to doing some of them in the classroom. Everyone enjoyed themselves but also learned new experiments to demonstrate science!