Four classes took part in this year’s Challenge to Change project – Mrs.Lawless, Mrs.White/Ms.Smyth, Ms.Malone and Ms.Kilcoyne. Ten pupils travelled to Portlaoise to display the project and share their work with others. The pupils had the opportunity to take part in a workshop. They enjoyed meeting pupils from other schools and hearing about their projects.

Filed Under (Green School, Mrs. White, School News) by Audrey Lynch on 05-05-2016

Today we were lucky to have a visit from Philip Mc Cabe, a local beekeeper and President of Apimondia, The World Beekeeping Federation! He spoke to the four classes completing a project on bees as part of Challenge to Change. Bees are central to Philip’s life. His father and grandfather before him kept them! He has a wealth of information on the social structure of honey bees. The girls were fascinated by the stories Philip had to tell and they asked some very interesting questions. Philip has promised to return to the school with his bees before the summer holidays.