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Attendance at school is extremely important. We are sending out an attendance calendar to help you keep track of your child’s attendance. This year we are trying to cut the number of children who miss more than 20 days at school, as we have to report these cases to the N.E.W.B. As part of this initiative we will be sending out notification when your child has missed 10 days and 15 days at school so that you can try to prevent this from happening. If your child misses a day at school a note must be sent into the class teacher to explain why.

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The following courses have commenced for parents in the four schools: textiles, crochet, computers and first aid. We are also running a science club for parent and child for 3rd & 4th class.

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Music Generation will begin working with our 3rd class pupils this week. This will build on the foundation the children received in St. Brigid’s learning how to play a variety of instruments. The Magic of Music will continue working with 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils.
Choir practice has commenced here in the school and Ms. Kilcoyne and the girls will be busy preparing for the Peace Proms which will be held in February. A free bus for parents will be organised by the Parents’ Assosiation.