Welcome back to school! We will launch our first WOW (Walk on Wednesday) and COW (Cycle on Wednesday) Day of the new school year on September 11th. Every week students are encouraged to walk, cycle, park & stride or carpool if they can. The classes with the highest participation levels each week will be awarded the Golden Boot and Golden Globe Award. The following are a few tips to ensure that all our pupils arrive safely at school:
• At the school please cross at the traffic lights or with the lollipop lady.
• Stop, look and listen at all times.
• Always stay on the foot path and walk on the footprints at the school entrance.
Drivers can help us make our school safer by:
• Trying to Park & Stride or Carpool as much as you can. This will help reduce traffic outside the school.
• Keeping your speed low.
• Always letting your child out of your vehicle onto the pavement side – never onto the road.
• Checking for pedestrians and cyclists before you or your child open the car door.