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A big congratulations to Caoimhe Branigan from room 15  who took part in the Leinster Minor Schools Swimming Championships on Saturday 19th January. Caoimhe came in 1st place in the 50m backstroke and in 2nd place in the 100m individual medley while representing our school and we are very proud of her achievements.

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Congratulations to all the fifth and sixth class girls who completed their six week french course with Ms Bonner last term. Bravo!

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Recently the girls in 4th class were studying fir trees with Ron Barrow. They examined the needles and cones of a fir tree. The girls enjoyed sketching a fir tree which is growing at the front of the school.

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Meet Humphrey, Mrs. White’s class mascot! Ms.McHugh used Humphrey during circle time in 3rd class. The girls were so fond of Humphrey that Ms McHugh kindly donated him to the class. This year Humphrey is spending one week with each girl. He is having a wonderful time going to birthday parties, trips and modelling new outfits designed by the girls! We will keep you updated on the adventures of Humphrey!

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This year the girls and their parents embraced the true spirit of Christmas with their very generous donations to the annual St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Food Appeal. Everything from rice to tins of Roses and soup to snack bars arrived in large quantities for this very worthy cause. Many people in our community benefited from the generosity of the girls in Presentation. A big THANK YOU to all and may God’s blessings reign on you throughout 2013.

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The girls from room 6 performed the play “The Grinch” for the other classes and for their parents. The hard work paid off for all the girls in room 6 as the play went off with a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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Before Christmas we held a competition to design a Christmas decoration from materials that could be recycled or reused. The children re-used ordinary items from around the home to create stunning decorations that would grace any Christmas tree. Three decorations were selected for the Louth County Council competition and these were created by Erin Browne, Zoe Gardiner and Ellie McGuigan. Nine other girls received prizes from the school: Lily May Coddington, Naoise Hoey, Aoife Smith O’Brien, Suzanne Obisan, Marina Evseeva, Jessica Kavanagh, Orlaith McEntee, Medhbanna McAllister and Aoife Stewart. Well done to all the girls who took part in the Louth County Council Christmas decoration competition.

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Mrs Mohan’s 3rd class spent the month of December using clay and shoeboxes to make cribs and crib figures for Christmas. We hope you enjoy looking at them.

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Mrs. White’s class made Advent calendars in Art. We hope you like them!

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The girls from 6 made delicious chocolate apples recently with Mrs Collins yum yum!!