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June 23rd 2011 will always be etched in the minds of the pupils and staff of our school for the fantastic day we spent with Jedward. We are very grateful to the Jack & Jill Foundation and Jedward for the wonderful memories we will always have. We have added some of the great photos that were taken on the day to our gallery. We would like to say a big thank you to Tony Campbell who took wonderful photos for us. Click here to go directly to the gallery.(more photos to follow)

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Today Room 12, from 6th class, took part in a science workshop in the library. Scientists from w5, along with the assistance of the pupils, performed many experiments. They launched a ‘teabag rocket’ to show how hot air rises and that by spinning a plastic chicken around and around demonstrates how the force of gravity pulls on the moon and the earth. These were just two of the experiments carried out. Pupils enjoyed experimenting and look forward to doing some of them in the classroom. Everyone enjoyed themselves but also learned new experiments to demonstrate science!

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6th class enjoyed a trip to the Highlanes Gallery recently, to view the winning entries of the Texaco Art Competition. They also viewed the ‘Surrealism in Irish Art’ exhibition. Pupils learned many new ideas and styles that they will be able use in their art lessons. Many thanks to the gallery guides for their expertise. A thoroughly enjoyable trip was experienced by all.